Artist Statement

Art has always been the primary activity in Nathalie’s life. Putting images to paper, stone, and canvas, hours of sketching and exploring all mediums, was the way to spend a day! She attended Saturday morning art classes at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Including art in her college curriculum at the University of Vermont, she graduated with an Environmental Education degree. She shared her appreciation for the natural world with her students, encouraging them to help in the effort to protect the natural world. The beauty of nature drew her away from the classroom and into the studio to recreate images of favorite places. A painting class with Joseph Solitario at the Cleveland Institute of Art solidified her passionate rapport with paint on canvas.

Nathalie continues to share her love of nature through landscapes, water scenes, still-lifes, gardens, flowers, birds; showing the beautiful moments of lighting, and living.

I like to approach the painting as a whole, which results in a quickly developed and very color-filled initial image; loose and fast.  In rare cases these beginnings are so expressive and complete I must stop there.  In most cases I move on in the creative effort where the choices are mine but short cuts are not an option.  As the painting develops, the pace is slower.  Precise drawing, color mixing, composition adjusting, and critical assessing of every brush stroke, engages me in a dance between struggle and ease.  Challenge and endeavor entice me to that zone of timeless creativity. 

What are these paintings that motivate me to spend hours at the easel when chores and parties go unattended? They’re mostly landscapes.  As such, they record beloved places and beings, statements of magical light, assurances of individuality, and devotion to forests, marshes, skies, rivers, oceans and mountains.  Words can sum up the subject and reason of my paintings, but they fall short of conveying the emotion that drums a steady beat through process and product.  The passion is elicited by my subject and carries the creative process.  Creating a painting from beginning to finish is a way for me to share the beauty, mystery and solace of nature, and to show how something may be delightfully seen.

Nathalie’s gallery is in Pittsboro, NC and visits are welcome by appointment.  Please contact Nathalie by


phone:  727.510.7573

Prints and original art works are available.