Inspired by Hudson

Who is Hudson?

Hudson is my son, and has inspired me to look at the world through youthful eyes.  He’s also demonstrated a wonderful design sense with his buildings and furniture creations.  Hudson is fascinated by the look of turn of the century and mid-century modernism.  This brings into the visual realm the work environments, inventions and science of those times.  He commissioned the diptych titled “Fortune” shown below, and expressed delight when he saw an industrial warehouse turned into a landscape.



For some reason he appropriated this fun painting of a Diva… she was so fun to paint with a personality so different than my own!


And this humongous painting, 7 feet wide, is in progress.  It might always stay as it is or else the figures might grow to demonstrate a better perspective.  I love the cavernous feel of this place I call Water Works.




More to come!! ……………