Welcome to Worthington Studios

I’m glad you found your way to WorthingtonStudios.com  ~~ Thanks for stopping by.  Please check out the landscape paintings, animals and still lifes.  More paintings are posted continuously, so do check back.   Please e-mail me if you have interest or questions about any of my work.     art @ worthingtonstudios.com.


I paint landscapes and the effects of light in and through the trees.  On May 2nd through June 31 these paintings, along with animals and nature themes will be on display at the North Carolina Botanical Gardens, with a reception on May 20th at 2:30.  


Conversations with my son have inspired me to expand my inspirations with a 7 foot turn of the century industrial landscape painting!  Concurrently, I’m working on a little series about Artificial Intelligence.  These paintings explore commonplace human experiences and tweak them to a whimsical view of AI partaking.   Humor and some provocation:::     http://worthingtonstudios.com/inspired-by-hudson/