Welcome to Worthington Studios

I was so honored to display my paintings at the NC Botanical Gardens.    A particular painting, “In the Shade of Grandmother“, got some attention because it depicts  just one of the many beautiful and significant farm lands, brooks, forests, and irreplaceable places in the proposed pathway of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.  An essay accompanies the painting and you can view it here.  


123Logo_mediaAnother exciting art show coming up at 123 Art Studios!

The bi-annual show is scheduled for 9/22/2018 and 9/23/2018… check back for details!

Thanks for stopping by! I’m constantly adding paintings in the four categories, Landscape, Animal, Recently Sold, and Inspired by Hudson.  Enjoy checking them out. 
For any inquiries, please feel free to send me an e-mail: art@worthingtonstudios.com